New Home Buyers: Mortgage Brokers Love Them!

First time home buyers can find the whole process very intimidating, and while they know that they should be getting on the property ladder as soon as possible, they are also naturally very apprehensive about the massive debt that they will have and the massive obligations they will have to make regular payments.

As an indepenent mortgage broker, Kim McGunther loves working with first home buyers.

For many first time buyers this is so intimidating that they just simply procrastinate getting into their first time. However a very smart first move for them can be to contact a good mortgage broker, as the mortgage broker will be able to quickly assess the likelihood of getting a good home loan and their ability to manage the mortgage payments. Many people have a good income and have made good savings for a deposit but they have still not taken that first big step of buying their first home.

Mortgage brokers who specialise in dealing with first home buyers understand that in many cases their clients will need coaching, motivation and even cheerleadering to get them over the threshold of their first home. The mortgage broker is perfectly set up to do this (especially in Palmerston North), because he or she knows that they will not get paid until their client has taken the keys for their first home, and so they are very motivated to make sure their client succeeds. Once the client talks to the broker things will start happening very quickly as the broker will need to find out the clients exact financial situation as quickly as possible. They will be a constant thorn in the client’s side until they have supplied this information, and then they will find that the broker moves very quickly to develop an application for the appropriate bank. The broker may have quite a challenge to put the the client at ease about the massive debt that they are taking on, but a good broker will be able to explain things to the client in such a way that it does not appear nearly so scary.

It is important that the broker does not position the deal as absolutely essential, as some clients tend to be scared that they are missing out by not being in the housing market but then put themselves at huge risk by taking on massive debt they cannot afford. It is the brokers job to make certain that this does not happen, and it is also in the brokers best interest because if anything does go wrong down the track then they can lose all of the commission and their reputation.

A good broker will keep their client informed it every step along the path, and they will have carefully selected the appropriate lender and the best lending product for the clients needs. They will make sure that the financing is setup so that it is delivered at the correct time on the correct day to the correct solicitor. Often a broker will tell their new client that they will be “their broker for life”, and that they will contact them periodically to make sure that all is ok and that everything is working well. This will be seen by the client is very good service indeed. For those looking for mortgage brokers in New Plymouth, click here.

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Tree Problems in Hastings

Hastings landowners and homeowners often have to deal with tree problems, sometimes after serious storms and sometimes simply because the trees have become too large or unruly. They may need the trees to be seriously pruned, or they may need the trees to be removed altogether, and in almost all cases the sensible homeowner and landowner or realise the job is far too dangerous to do by themselves and they will need to call in the professionals.

Certain tree-felling techniques can avoid having the tree land in unwanted places

In previous times they would simply consult the Yellow Pages, but in modern times in Hastings it is a simple job to type into Google the words arborist Hastings, and then choose from one of the many arborists that are listed.

One needs to be careful that they choose a professional company, simply because of the danger of the work being done in an unsafe manner, but fortunately the industry is extremely safety-conscious and heavily regulated and so any arborist turning up in a Google search should almost always be able and confident to do the work.

The aspects that will most intimidate the normal householder or land owner will be issues like the tree being too close to a building or a neighbouring property, for the branches that are causing a problem being simply too high. It is always a great relief when the professionals turn up and indicate that this type of work is their bread and butter and should cause them no troubles.

The reason why the professionals can make these claims is because they will have many years of experience and will have been highly trained. The work is almost always very dangerous, and it takes a very skilled and experienced and fit operator to work around all of the many dangers. If one wants a true appreciation of the level of skill and fitness required one just needs to apply for a job as an arborist.

It is almost always a job for fit younger man, simply because it is a very physical job, and the operators need to work very fast but safely in order to be competitive in the marketplace. Skilled operators are a joy to watch, because they are obviously very experienced in all aspects of safety and how to drop a tree. Just working with a chainsaw all day would be exhausting for the average person, but a professional chainsaw operator needs to do this at speed, and often hanging high up in a tree.

The cost of accidents in the tree industry is enormous in terms of a medical expense, lost time and compensation for the injured worker, and therefore it makes enormous economic sense for the companies involved to place a huge emphasis on safety and physical fitness.

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Manufacturing New Houses At Scale

All of the 20,000 or so new houses that are built in New Zealand every year are built using a largely manual process  by skill builders. There is currently a shortage of around 5,000 builders in New Zealand, and any new home buyer will have to wait at least a year to get their house unless they are prepared to bribe somebody. Apparently there are fewer houses to be built in Auckland than originally predicted.

A very attractive alternative for New Zealand is the large scale manufacturing of new houses by one or two companies,  as these companies just need to purchase the automation and robot equipment and then get going. Overseas such companies can build more houses in their one manufacturing plant then as built in all of New Zealand, and by building at this very large scale they are able to keep their costs probably 50 below the equivalent building a New Zealand. Also they are able to produce vastly more houses, and do this profitably because the labour component for each house is only a fraction of what others for the current New Zealand building techniques.

Simply put, the more houses the manufacturer can manufacture then the cheaper the houses will be.

Out at the building site the job of the skilled builder changes from having to be a jack of all trades particularly when erecting framing and roof trusses and all the work involved, and instead being an assembler of very accurately manufactured wall panels  and roof. Erecting the pre manufactured wall panels and roof  just needs a good crane and a good operator and a couple of skilled builders for a day, and this has been proven on one good example by a major manufacturer.

The builders then need to go through the house to fit it and finish it, but we’re as normally it would take them probably 3 weeks to get to this point, it can be as little as two or three days with a prefabricated house.

The beauty of this modern technique is not only that the houses are much cheaper to build this way, they are also much faster and the panels and the finish is much higher quality simply because the fabrication process in the factory users full automation and computer aided design and processes.

The customer is also very happy in the process, because not only do they get a much cheaper house, they get a superior fitting finish and plus they get a house that is their own design, in the sense that they have chosen the house from a large Bunch of plans. It is the modern way to order anything, and it is surprising that this type of manufacturing process has not yet taken off in New Zealand. However the new government may become a large-scale purchaser of new housing, and this in itself maybe enough encouragement for a manufacturer to make the large capital investment needed in the automation and Robotics equipment.

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